How to get unlimited organic traffic for free

Organic traffic " means traffic from search engine . When people type any keyword in  search engine (google, yahoo,bing) then search engine find out specific page for given queries on basic of Page Rank , Backlinks , Structured data etc.

So to get more organic traffic we need to increase  page rank which is the most common criteria used by google for search . Generally people says  "No one can get unlimited organic traffic for free " but it is not true at all . Many peoples suggest following methods

  • keep updating your Website or blog every 2 days.
  • Add keyword targeted posts ( How to get keyword target posts).
  • keyword should have atleast 1000+ searches every month with low competition.
  • do research before posting to know upto what extent information regarding your keyword is available.
  • Add more and more informative posts that helps user or reader in knowledge improvement.
  • Use to set post type .
  • Submit your post link to all social websites (How to submit your website on all social websites).
  • Select the target country on google analytics .
  • Add different versions of your website in google (How to add different properties of your website in to google).


It is true You can  get traffic from people who click on Google search results that you rank for. So, you obviously need to pick good keywords that relate to your site, and do SEO to rank high for those keywords. But you can also rank your website and its pages or blog posts using this technique which i want to share with you.


  1.  Auto Traffic generator (see Top 5 Auto Traffic Generating Websites)

    2.  Sign Up into Auto Traffic Generator 

    3. Search your website , page or post for which you want free organic traffic.

unlimited organic traffic for free

  4. Then right click on your website link and click on copy link address.

organic traffic free

  5. Go to Auto Traffic Generator  and put the copied link in Add Website option when your website is approved for hits then you can see unlimited organic traffic  in your google analytics account.

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