How to make money online without investment

You may google this keyword many times "How to make money online without investment" and tried  the methods given in the websites but no method is efficient for making good amount of  money . Finally you reach  where you learn how to make good amount of  money online without paying anything in your home.

First of all i would like to clear on thing that making money online is not easy work. You need some effort to make money online without spending  0$. I will tell you the ways to make money online but the money earn by you is directly dependent thing "How much time you spend for given work".  

Top  Ways To make Money Online without investment

Earn from PTC sites

PTC  stands for Paid To Click  it is an online business  used to get online traffic from people aiming to earn money from home. When viewer view website of advertiser then he get some part of money from PTC website.


         A . Laptop , Computer , mobile or tablet 

         B . Internet Connection

         C. Your favourite drink.

 Earn From Youtube Chanel 

If you are pretty good in any field then you can make Thousand of Dollars with Youtube you just need to record video and upload on youtube once your videos start getting 10000+ views then start add on your videos . This method require some effort to make videos but if you can make unique videos and attract visitors then Youtube can change your life it become you popular as well as rich that's why Youtube is on rank 2 in making money online methods.


           A . Good in any feed (Music,Technology,Hacking,singing etc)

          B .  A Youtube channel 

          C .  Video Recorder (Camera or Phone)

Earn Using Ads (Adson)

If you are serious about making money using blogging or with website then Google Adson is best choice for you . Their are many alternative of Google Adson available  but i recommend you Google adson. In case your website is not approved by Google adson then you can use Top 5 alternate of Google adson .


            A .  A Popular  Website having good organic traffic.

            B .  Adson Approval .

Earn With Facebook and With Other Social Sites 

If your facebook , Twitter , Linkedin and other social media page is  having 10000+ or nearer likes and followers then your page can be converted into money machine the small effort you require . You can make a social website and create and share content you like on it. Like and view selling sites  help you monetize your website and maximize your earning. Check out top Websites for Earning using facebook.


            A . Social website (FB,twitter etc) Page With decent likes.

            B . Sign Up in PTC websites(Check out top PTC  sites here)

Earn on Your Smartphone (Fast Method)

Do you know you can make money by downloading apps if not then i will tell you how it is possible. Now days organizations buy app downloads to get faith of customer. For example if you want to download photo editor app from play store and you search photo editor  in play store a list is shown to you then which editor you will select

 Which editor  has higher number of downloads.

So that's why companies pay good amount of money to download their app.

See Apps to make money Online on mobile


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