How to Change the Processor Name in any Window

how to change processor name

Are you know you can  change processor name in any window if not then i will tell you step by step if you have any question related to this topic comment below let's start ..

         1. Press Window+r or simply open Run and write regedit in Run and press ok.


          2.  Allow administration permissions to regedit. After you allowed permission window will open as        shown in picture.

How to change processor name in any window

         3. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE

         4. Go to HARDWARE

         5. Go to DESCRIPTION 

         6. Go to System.

         7. Open CentralProcessor.

         8. Click on "0" window will open like image given below. 

how to change processor name in any window

         9. Click on Processorname  and change whatever you want your processor name.

        10. Now change Processorname for value "1".

        11. You successfully changed the processor name of your pc now see in window properties it will show processor name which is assigned by you.  

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